Clientele & Accolades

Vibrant events has delivered anything and everything that was given to them with confidence. Attention to details, creativity, and timely delivery with Quality are their key to success. They have come a long way on all spheres of their work. Long story short,once a work is given to Vibrant events, sit back, relax and watch the show which has a class of excellence.

K R Moses
Managing Director

Accommodating last minute requests. Its been always a pleasure working with you guys. Your fascinating work yet maintaining the professionalism exceeds our expectation always. Keep up this magical work and look out for more events to work together.

Priya Lokesh
Head-Guest Relations

I feel that the creative ideas presented were incredible. Positive feedback has been received from all employees and we don’t think anyone will soon forget this amazing experience.

Squadron Leader R.Vijay
Head- Administration

Overall it was a thorough professional show by Vibrant Events!!! Good going!!!

Shanmugam Subramanian
Delivery Excellence

They have exceeded our expectations on every front- Looking forward to working with them again!

Cliff Owens
Plant Manager

It was a quite amazing to work with them in many aspects, from the beginning till the event closing.

I Shankar

We place, on record, the services provided by Vibrant Events will be in our memory forever


Your distinctive way of retaining everyone’s attention, involvement and participation all through the day… is really commendable

Don Jaysingh
Human Resources
We would like to commend the efforts taken and really thankful for bringing out a such a wonderful event Sanjay David
Vibrant Events has lived up to its name by organizing a very vibrant display of modern and ethnic cultural show for our esteemed clients from abroad. They have excellent customer relations and highly committed to their deliverables Bartik Acharya
Head- Infrastructure Services

The entire program schedule was thoughtfully envisaged, the events and the games conducted were interesting, all aimed towards bringing together a sense of binding among our staff members and the management who were going through daily work pressures and stress…

Associate Vice President- HR

You and your team are not just enthusiastic, but also extremely professional, well- organised, with a very high degree of commitment. As you rightly said, we did relive our childhood!

Teena George
Human Resources Manager

The way you make the gathering to relive their childhood is highly commendable

Satish Kannan
Dy Manager- HR

You and your team did an excellent job of planning the day ensuring every individual was involved

N M Krishnan
HR Representative

They are a committed and dedicated group, kept their promises-up and the money worth spent

Chairman- Employees Wellness Committee

Working with the Vibrant team over the years has always been the special highlight in all our outbound team building activities with corporate teams. They have the ability to keep team members on their toes , excited & charged for long hours with fun & ease. There is never a dull moment which you can see in action with them. Looking forward to working more with vibrant with many more innovative, action packed programs for us.

Alex Thomas

Each and every associate of ours truly enjoyed and felt they just didn’t know how fast the whole day went by and sure felt like wanting more!!

K R Mohanakrishnan
Co-Founder & Director

Entertainment is no easy business and to be consistent in it speaks volumes of enthusiasm and the youthful energy and spirit that you and your team exude

K Rajsingh Moses
General Manager- Manufacturing

From astounded silence: to overwhelming participation
From monologues; to dialogues
From small teams: to great groups
There was a change: which was radical

We take pleasure in placing on record the energy and enthusiasm exhibited, the fun environment created by the team and the build-up in participation and excitement from start to end of the program

Malavika Sreejit
Manager- HR

It was your creativity, innovativeness and raw energy that made it a memorable occasion

Ram Pappu
VP- Resource Management

All the members and their families who attended the meet were highly impressed by their excellent performance


It has also been noted that there has been a sharp increase in associate morale and inter-group networking after they have taken over as our Corporate Event Manager

Bharathan Prahalad
Head HR

The events organized throughout the day were excellent and mind-boggling which made our 500+ human capital assets excited

Venkatachalam AS
Manager- HR

Vibrant events is a creative event management company. A professional and dedicated team providing 100% experiential learnings through their sessions. Having known them for last 10 years, their USP is being humane and innovative approach. It has been rightly said - WINNERS DON’T DO DIFFERENT THINGS, THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

H. Jaya Shankar Gupta
General Manager

The kind of engagement you and your team had with my colleagues was truly amazing and indeed it gave us a rebirth to relive the childhood.

Human Resources