Fun @ Work

Present a joyful gift such as Laughter on a weekday morning; watch your folks gleefully plunge into activities, Enjoy the moments when they are caught off-guard and cheer them as they let their reservations fall as they let a ray of Sunshine touch their lives.

We invite you to partake in the joy and fun that is Sunshine

What is Sunshine?

Sunshine is a Vibrant initiative which focuses purely on Fun inside the workplace. It is a theme driven monthly/fortnightly activity wherein participation of the associates coupled with external activities forms the content.

Why Sunshine?
  • A congenial atmosphere is established
  • It creates excitement on the work floor
  • It promotes active participation from the employees
  • It’s a visible step towards developing a feeling of mutual respect for the associate to the company
  • The activities involve the entire strength of the company regardless of their designation
How is Sunshine implemented?

It is highly effective when the duration of the themes implemented is for a month. Various activities related to the theme happen on a fortnightly/monthly basis. Bonding Games form a vital part of the content.

The content is customised according to your requirement. Get in touch with us for these unique activities!

Sunshine @ work